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i-show basics

Set aside from the majority of the LED message display market, with a low 35mm profile and distinctive 75mm (10 LED) maximum character height, the rugged, light-weight i-show is uniquely placed. The 99 messages of up to 240 characters also store individual font, animation and display settings. Representations of the i-show animations can be seen at the foot of the page.

innovative communication

Simple, quick communication – Programming the i-show needs little explanation as the PS2 connection allows the option of programming your messages using any standard PS2 keyboard including ruggedised and environmentally protected units. A second connection allows the i-show to be interfaced to a PC where by the included serial control utility or ASCII data can also be used to control all of the available i-show functions and more
Information from around the World – the i-show serial utility also offers the fantastic ability to display RSS internet and intranet news and information feeds from around the world, keeping you, your customers, or your employees instantly up-to-date.
Low-cost LAN adaptor, interport, COMING SOON! – send your messages to the i-show across a computer network or the internet, expanding the control available to the i-show. Ideal for industrial or large office applications.

finer details

- PC Keyboard connection for easy on-screen programming
- RS232 serial connection for advanced users and PC control
- 99 message spaces to recall your messages instantly
- Up to 240 characters per message for creating longer messages
- Two font sizes to really emphasise your messages
- Digital clock and calendar built-in for added flexibility
- Timing, speed and animation settings for real control over your
- Distinctive character height giving outstanding character definition
- Slim design still featuring high quality durable materials
- Mains or 12V powered for static or mobile applications
- PC software utility included for a complete messaging solution
- Display live RSS feeds for up-to-date headlines as they happen interport
  network (LAN) Adapter – Coming Soon!



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